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For customization, samples, updates, and much more, prime contractors, OEMs, and system builders are encouraged to join BuilderAdvantage.

A proud collaborator

CRU has a long history of working with system builders to develop data storage solutions, and our 20+ years experience lets us provide unparalleled technology expertise and customer service.


Any color you want…

When approached by a major contractor to customize our DP25 for a military project, CRU responded quickly to modify the DP25 per project requirements.
See an example of how our removable drives safeguard military data >


Samples available

CRU is happy to provide prime contractors with removable drive samples. Simply drop us a line and let us know what you’re interested in.

DP27, DP25, & DP10

Millions installed

Depended upon worldwide

CRU’s DataPort 25, Data Express 115, and DataPort 10 removable drives have become de facto industry standards because they work as reliably the first time as the fifty-thousandth time.
Our most popular removables >


Something for everyone

CRU means more than removables

With industry leading products for data backup, digital investigation, and e-discovery, CRU offers a solution for every step of data capture, security, and transport.