Removable Drives Explained

Removables offer security

Powerful and reliable performance

CRU removables are the standard for data security and transport. We offer removables for 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives, as well as PCIe/NVMe SSDs.
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Powerful data security

Relied on by government, military, more

Data connected to a network or an unsecured device is exposed to risk, but with a removable installed there is a fast way to disconnect it from danger. Plus, there’s a dependable way to store data in a secure area without locking up an entire computer.


Easy data transport

Reliable data management and mobility

Removables are built for quick and repeated access to your data. Even with the fastest speeds, shipping data will always be faster than the internet. And the portability of removables means your data can be where you need it, when you need it.

Data Transport

Simplified backup and ingestion

Unparalleled performance

The fastest and most reliable way to ingest or backup data is with removable drives. From data centers to driverless vehicles, businesses are turning to CRU removables for powerful and simple data management.

Data Backup

Trusted by HP & Dell

Find the right removable for your system

CRU is the proud exclusive supplier of removable drives to industry leaders like HP and Dell. We offer removables in a variety of form factors, drive types, and host interfaces.

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