Keep Your Computer Awake


Have you ever been in the middle of an important presentation and had a screensaver or password prompt pop up, ruining the flow of your presentation? With a CRU Mouse Jiggler, that problem goes away!

The Mouse Jiggler provides constant mouse activity that keeps computers active and prevents the computer from going to sleep and screen savers from activating.

There is no software to install and the Mouse Jiggler can be plugged into any USB port.

Who uses the Mouse Jiggler?

  • Presenters using PowerPoint (often on a computer they don’t own) – avoid annoying screen savers
  • Computer forensics investigators – prevent password dialog
  • IT professionals – no more password dialog boxes, screen savers or sleep mode after an employee is terminated and computer access needs to be maintained
  • IT professionals or office workers – downloading/installing programs to keep overactive screen savers from interfering.

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