Keep your computer awake!

mousejigglermj3sm2Introducing the Mouse Jiggler MJ-3, the latest version of the popular Mouse Jiggler series from CRU. The ultra-compact MJ-3 plugs into your USB port and is the only customizable tool that keeps your computer awake while you perform important functions such as:

  • Giving a presentation
  • Playing a game like Minecraft
  • Uploading or downloading files, copying drives, or installing updates and programs onto your computer
  • And more!

Automate Repetitive Tasks

To automate repetitive or predictable tasks commonly found in IT operations or fun pursuits like gaming, the plug-and-use USB device can be programmed with your scripts to play back keystrokes, mouse movements, and mouse clicks.

MJ-3 Configuration Software

The easy-to-use MJ-3 software lets you customize your MJ-3 by helping you create, save, and load scripts for your MJ-3. The free software contains pre-configured scripts and comes in Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, and Mac OS X versions.

Mouse Jiggler MJ-3 Script Creation Software v1.0.1 - Windows 32-bit

Download: (10.47 MB)

Mouse Jiggler MJ-3 Script Creation Software v1.0.1 - Windows 64-bit

Download: (11.54 MB)

Mouse Jiggler Software v1.0.1 - macOS 10.x Only (not compatible with macOS 11 or higher)

Download: (9.07 MB)

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