Forensic Field Kit A

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Forensic Field Kit A
Kit designed for in-the-field forensic drive imaging
    • Convenient and safe transportation 
    • Rugged Pelican case 
    • Unique configurations 

Forensic Field Kit A

Need a convenient way to pack and move your digital forensics equipment?

Forensics investigators and techs who need a safe, convenient way to move their equipment use a CRU® WiebeTech® Forensic Field Kit. Each kit is made up of a sturdy, portable Pelican™ case customized to transport and protect your digital forensic adapters and devices.

Starting with a custom Pelican case, configure your kit to suit your investigative needs. You can buy an empty case, pick a pre-configured kit, or create your own.

Field Kits A and B are best for adapters and devices. Field Kit J is a universal kit, while Kits G, H, and I are tailored for carrying drive enclosure towers, like a CRU RTX™ 800, and additional gear. Select the best one for you, or contact us to create your own.

Field Kit A is the smallest and most portable available.

Includes a tough, water-resistant Pelican 1400 case with custom foam and slots for:

  • One UltraDock (v4 or v5)
  • Six SATA or PATA Adapters
  • One USB WriteBlocker
  • All necessary accessories


Kit A-0 is sold empty, so you may configure it with the docks and adapters of your choice

Kit A-5 comes with a Forensic UltraDock v5 and five adapters, providing access in the field to most drive types: 3.5in and 2.5in SATA or PATA (IDE), 1.8in drives, ZIF drives, and mini-PCIe drives

Kit A-6 includes everything from kit A-5, plus a USB WriteBlocker for access to USB thumb drives and other USB mass storage device


Product name Forensic Field Kit A
Dimensions 13.35" x 11.61" x 5.98" (339mm x 295mm x 152mm)
Compliancy RoHS
Warranty CRU provides a 2-year limited warranty for this product.
Technical Support Your investment in CRU products is backed up by our free technical support for the lifetime of the product. If you need to contact us for any reason, visit or call us at 1-800-260-9800 or +1-360-816-1800.

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User Manual for Forensic Field Kit (Models A-0, A-3, A-4, B-0, B-3, B-4, F-3, F-4, J-0, J-1, and J-2)

Part Numbers

Forensic Field Kit A

Part Number Description Shipping Weight UPC Number
31310-0000-0000 Field Kit A-0, Pelican 1400 case & custom foam w/slots for a dock & up to 6 adapters (not included) 6 879229004195
31310-0000-0003 Field Kit A-3, Pelican 1400 case & custom foam, includes Forensic UltraDock v4 & 6 adapters + accessories, US plug 10 810873013904
31310-0000-0004 Field Kit A-4, Pelican 1400 case & custom foam, includes FUDv4, USBWB, & 6 adapters + accessories, US 10 810873013911
31310-0000-0013 Field Kit A-5, Pelican 1400 case & custom foam, includes FUDv5 & 5 adapters + accessories, US plug 10 810873011825
31310-0000-0014 Field Kit A-6, Pelican 1400 case & custom foam, includes FUDv5, USBWB, & 5 adapters + accessories, US plug 10 810873011832
31311-0000-0014 Field Kit A-6, Pelican 1400 case & custom foam, includes FUDv5, USBWB, & 5 adapters + accessories, UK plug 10 810873018695
31312-0000-0014 Field Kit A-6, Pelican 1400 case & custom foam, includes FUDv5, USBWB, & 5 adapters + accessories, EU plug 10 810873018701

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