Drive eRazer Ultra

Drive eRazer Ultra
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Multi-function device that completely erases all data from a hard drive
    • Efficient, effective hard drive sanitizing
    • Stand-alone operation frees up computers
    • Clean hard drive ready for re-use

Drive eRazer Ultra

Before selling or disposing of an old computer or hard drives, you’ll want to make sure personal and business information is really removed from them first.

Completely erasing a hard drive is more complex than deleting a file or reformatting the drive. To safely sanitize your drive, you need to completely write over every bit. Otherwise, your sensitive data is there for the taking.

No computer needed

The CRU® WiebeTech® Drive eRazer™ Ultra is a stand-alone device that completely and quickly cleans hard drives. Simply connect a drive to the Drive eRazer Ultra and it will sanitize the drive faster than using software, and without tying up your computer.

The Drive eRazer Ultra leaves the drive ready for safe re-use, and comes with a dozen different preset erase procedures, including US Department of Defense graded methods for data wiping.

Additional features:

  • Simple setup and operation with LCD and menu buttons
  • USB port for drive previewing and deletion confirmation
  • Serial label printer connector*
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • 3-year warranty
  • Free US-based customer support

Whether you’re an IT manager or business owner, and you want your sensitive information sanitized from a drive, the Drive eRazer Ultra is the perfect tool. 

*Serial printers that support ZPL II. Here's a list of known compatible printers.

Part Numbers

Drive eRazer Ultra

Stand-alone product for erasing SATA & PATA hard drives; LCD; multiple modes

US plug
part #: 31550-0109-0000

UK plug
part #: 31551-0109-0000

EU plug
part #: 31552-0109-0000

AU plug
part #: 31553-0109-0000

Bundle of 5 Drive eRazer Ultras

5 boxed units + high power AC adapter & daisy-chain power cable

UK plugs
part #: 31551-0109-0060

US plugs
part #: 31550-0109-0060


Cable, DB9 M-M serial

Cable, DB9 M-M serial cable, can be used for attaching Drive eRazer Ultra to a label printer
part #: 7380-8000-03

Daisy-chain Power Kit

High-wattage AC adapter & multi-head power cable; powers up to 5 Drive eRazers or v5 docks

US plug
part #: 7100-3000-00

EU plug
part #: 7100-3000-02

UK plug
part #: 7100-3000-11

SATA & PATA Adapter Kit #7

Bundle of several adapters

Adapter Kit #7; includes 7 adapters compatible with v5 docks: 2.5in & 1.8in IDE, ZIF, mini PCIe, mSATA, MBA2010
part #: 31100-0000-0009


Product name Drive eRazer Ultra
Host (I/O) Ports (1) USB 2.0: up to 480 Mbps
(1) DB9 female serial connector
Drive Types Supported
  • PATA/IDE 2.5" drives (with PATA Adapter 25)
  • PATA/IDE 3.5
  • SATA 2.5" drives
  • SATA 3.5" drives
  • Hitachi 1.8" drives (with PATA Adapter 18-HIT-ZIF)
  • Toshiba 1.8" drives (with PATA Adapter 18-TOSH)
  • MacBook Air 2010 (with SATA Adapter MBA2010)
  • MSATA (with SATA Adapter mSATA)
  • PCIe PATA (with PATA Adapter mPCIe)
  • PCIe SATA (with PATA Adapter mPCIe)
  • PCIe USB (with PATA Adapter mPCIe)
Supports S.M.A.R.T. disk info Yes
Number of LEDs 5
Description of LEDs Drive access, HPA/DCO detected, error, power input status, power output status
LCD Screen Two-line backlit LCD controlled with four soft-touch menu navigation buttons
LCD Info 2 lines x 16 characters width
LCD Backlight Yes
Navigation menu LCD/button driven menu system
Printer Ports 1
Printer info (1) DB9 female serial connector
Detects/reports HPA/DCO Yes
Allows HPA/DCO override Yes, user-configurable options
Construction material(s) Rugged aluminum construction
Power switch 2 position: On / Off
Dimensions 2.95" x 4.33" x 1.06" (75mm x 110mm x 27mm)
Weight 0.40 lbs. (0.18 kg)
Erase modes Quick Erase, Custom Erase, Random Erase, Secure Erase Normal, Secure Erase Enhanced, DoD Clear, DoD Sanitize, NIST800-88 Clear, NIST800-88 Purge, CSEC ITSG-06, HMG IS5, DSD ISM 6.2.92
Compliancy FCC, CE, RoHS, C-Tick, RCM
Warranty CRU provides a 3-year limited warranty for this product.
Technical Support Your investment in CRU products is backed up by our free technical support for the lifetime of the product. If you need to contact us for any reason, visit or call us at 1-800-260-9800 or +1-360-816-1800.

Product Images


Nov 26, 2013 - 504.06 KB
Quick Start Guide for
Drive eRazer Ultra
A9-000-0029 Rev 2.1_DEU_user_manual.pdf
Jun 17, 2014 - 1.42 MB
User Manual for Drive eRazer Ultra
Feb 27, 2015 - 9.12 MB
CRU Configurator v4.0.1.4 for Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Feb 27, 2015 - 810.25 KB
User manual for the Mac OS version of Configurator v4
Feb 27, 2015 - 12.81 MB
CRU Configurator for 64-bit Windows
Feb 27, 2015 - 750.99 KB
User manual for the Windows version of Configurator v4
Feb 27, 2015 - 11.37 MB
CRU Configurator for 32-bit Windows
Apr 23, 2015 - 362.1 KB
Data Sheet for Drive eRazer Ultra
May 8, 2015 - 11.74 MB
CRU Configurator for 32-bit Windows
May 8, 2015 - 13.23 MB
CRU Configurator for 64-bit Windows
May 8, 2015 - 9.56 MB
CRU Configurator v4.0.2.1 for Mac OS X 10.6 or later


Q : How fast will Drive eRazer Ultra erase the data on my drive?

Drive eRazer Ultra can erase modern hard drives at up to 7 GB/minute or more. The erasure time depends on several factors. Older drives will generally take longer than newer ones. Higher levels of verification will not affect the time spent erasing, but will make the total process take longer. Finally, the erase mode plays a role. Quick Erase will generally finish a little faster than Secure Erase.

Q : Will Drive eRazer Ultra work with a Solid State Drive (SSD)?

Short answer: SSDs erased by DEU in any mode would be safe from casual data retrieval attempts, but for very sensitive data the only way to guarantee security is to physically destroy the drive.

Longer answer: With SSDs, the host (such as a computer or Drive eRazer) does not have direct access to the sectors on the drive. There is therefore no way to guarantee that a command to erase a given sector will actually erase that sector. The SSD's controller may instead remap that physical sector to a new logical sector, leaving the data intact but inaccessible. Even a full overwrite of a SSD may therefore not result in a fully wiped drive. However, the data remaining on the drive would not be accessible via normal means. Recovering such data would require removing the actual flash chips from the SSD's circuit board and accessing them with special equipment and software tools.

Secure Erase modes offer the best chance of fully erasing an SSD because they use the drive's built-in erasing function. Secure Erase is defined by the ATA specification and requires drives to fully erase all user accessible data areas when the command is received. The Enhanced version also erases any data within HPA or DCO areas. However, at least one study has shown that some early SSD manufacturers did not correctly implement this portion of the ATA specification. So, while most SSDs will be erased fully by Secure Erase, some may not. If you know that a particular SSD model correctly executes Secure Erase per the ATA spec, these modes can erase the SSD completely. If you’re unsure, you should assume that data fragments could remain.

Q : With what drive capacities is Drive eRazer compatible?

Drive eRazer cannot erase extremely small drives or media that are less than 10,000 sectors. Assuming a 512 byte sector size, 10,000 sectors is less than 5MB. In addition, some old drives smaller than 10GB do not follow modern ATA specifications and therefore cannot be erased by DEU.
As for very large drives, there is currently no known limit to how large of a disk Drive eRazer will erase. As of April 2015 Drive eRazer has been tested with up to 6TB hard drives, the largest available. We have no reason to believe Drive eRazer will not continue to work with newer and larger drive sizes as they are released.

Q : Has Drive eRazer Ultra been evaluated by NIST?

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has evaluated our erasing techniques on a previous model, Drive eRazer Pro. Although our 'Ultra' version (which adds additional features) has not been specifically tested, it employs the same basic techniques used in the tested version. We're therefore confident that the new model would likewise achieve 'expected results' (NIST's equivalent of a passing grade).

Q : What sizes are the labels that Drive eRazer Ultra Prints?

Drive eRazer Ultra can attempt to print one of two different label sizes: 4"x1" or 4"x6", depending upon how it's configured.

Q : What kind of cable do I need for the Printer Port?

The printer port is a standard 9-pin serial RS-232 port.
Drive eRazer Ultra requires a male end and most printers
also require a male end. If you need to source a new cable,
what you need is probably a "Male to Male RS-232 (DB9) Null
Modem Serial cable." This cable is available from CRU (Part
Number 7380-8000-03). Check your printer's documentation
regarding serial cable types. Connecting it to a computer's
serial port is possible with a "Male to Female RS-232 (DB9)
Null modem serial cable".

Q : What kind of printer should I use with Drive eRazer Ultra?

Drive eRazer Ultra was tested primarily with Zebra brand
printers compatible with ZPL II formatted text (often
indicated by –Z at the end of the model number). During
development we made every effort to make this feature as
compatible as possible, but no list of compatible printers
is currently being published. If choosing a new printer, the
Zebra product line is a good starting point. Feel free to
contact CRU support for up-to-date information about Drive
eRazer Ultra and serial printers.

Q : Why does the USB connector look like USB 3.0 but the documentation says it's USB 2.0?

Drive eRazer Ultra uses a USB 3.0 style connector because it shares a form factor and many parts with another product. However, the controller chip that drives DEU's USB connection supports USB 2.0 only. The port can be used with either USB 2.0 or 3.0 type cables and with either USB 2.0 or 3.0 hosts, but it will operate at USB 2.0 speed. The intended purposes of the port are the previewing of a drive and firmware upgrading, rather than for lengthy data transfers. For these two purposes USB 2.0 speed is sufficient.

Q : How does Secure Erase work?

Secure Erase is a feature on nearly all modern hard drives (greater than 15GB). This feature is activated by a low level command to the drive and causes the drive to erase itself using methods developed by the drive manufacturers in conjunction with the NSA. To protect against malware attacks, operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS (and software applications written for these operating systems) cannot send this command, but Drive eRazer Ultra can.
Secure Erase sequentially overwrites the data on the drive, similar to Drive eRazer’s other erase modes. However, Secure Erase better handles data on "bad blocks" (single pass may stop and report an error at a bad block).
Secure Erase is implemented on most drives that were manufactured in 2001 or later. However, an estimated time for completion was not added until later. Some drives therefore support Secure Erase but will not give an estimated completion time.

Q : In Secure Erase Enhanced mode, my drive appeared to erase far too quickly (seconds rather than hours). Did it really get erased that fast?

SEDs (Self Encrypted Drives) feature internal encryption, which is a security feature that scrambles all data on the drive as it is written, and decodes it as it is read back. The encryption engine uses a logical key, usually 128 or 256 bits in length, to perform the encryption/decryption calculations. To quickly render the drive unreadable, some SEDs simply erase and change the value of the key when Secure Erase Enhanced is invoked. Because it no longer has the old key to decode the bits on the drive, the original data is irretrievable and the drive appears to be unformatted. An examination of the drive's contents would show seemingly random data in every sector. Any new data written to the drive would use the new key.

Q : My Drive eRazer Ultra shows "WRITE CMD ERROR" on the LCD and the erase has stopped progressing. What do I do next?

This message means that the drive reported an error when attempting to execute a write command sent to it by DEU. Several things can cause such an error, such as a bad block on the drive, or a poor physical connection between DEU and the drive. It may occur if the drive or dock is moved or bumped during the erase process. This is an unrecoverable error (indicated by the lighting of the Red "Error" LED).

The next step is to turn off DEU's power. If you like, you can turn DEU back on and attempt to erase the drive again. A bad block is not always 100% bad, so sometimes a block that fails to be overwritten on one attempt will succeed on the next try. Make sure the cables connecting the drive and DEU are fully seated, and do not attempt to move the drive, DEU, or cables during the erase process. Make sure the drive has good air flow around it to avoid any possible heat issues. If you continue to see this error message on the drive, the next thing to try is changing to Secure Erase Enhanced mode. This mode doesn’t use write commands; rather, it issues a single command to the drive that causes the drive to erase itself. This mode handles bad blocks better than modes based on write commands. If none of these remedies work, the only way to ensure there are no recoverable data remaining on the drive is to physically destroy it.

Q : With what drive capacities is Drive eRazer compatible?

Drive eRazer cannot erase extremely small drives or media that are less than 10,000 sectors. Assuming a 512 byte sector size, 10,000 sectors is less than 5MB. In addition, some old drives smaller than 10GB do not follow modern ATA specifications and therefore cannot be erased by DEU.
As for very large drives, there is currently no known limit to how large of a disk Drive eRazer will erase. As of April 2015 Drive eRazer has been tested with up to 6TB hard drives, the largest available. We have no reason to believe Drive eRazer will not continue to work with newer and larger drive sizes as they are released.

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