Ditto Forensic FieldStation Video Series

We put James Wiebe on camera to showcase how the CRU® Ditto® Forensic FieldStation works.

Cyber security, digital forensics, suspect drive capture and imaging, corporate forensics, digital investigation–if you’re looking for a next-generation device to do all these things, then you’re in the right place.

Product Overview

LCD Panel Overview

Browser Interface Overview

Upgrade Firmware

Preview a Suspect Drive

Image a Hard Drive with Ditto’s Browser Interface

Image a Hard Drive with Ditto’s Front Panel

Create a Mirrored Image

Clone and Image a Drive at the Same Time

Physically Image a Hard Drive to a Network Location

How to Configure Ditto’s Browser Interface

Net View a Network

Mount a Network Source for Preview and Imaging

Create and Manage Ditto User Accounts

Logging Overview

Create a Remote Image Over a Network

Logical Imaging with Ditto

3 Advanced Logical Imaging Features