USB DriveDock v5

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USB DriveDock v5
Access bare drives quickly using USB 3.0
    • Quick access to bare hard drives
    • Simple USB connectivity

USB DriveDock v5

Need to get a new user up and running quickly? Or just see what's on a bare drive without having to install it in a computer?

CRU® WiebeTech® products, such as the WiebeTech USB DriveDock™ v5, are used by IT managers and departments to efficiently manage hard drive and computer tasks.

The WeibeTech USB DriveDock v5 connects to common bare hard drives to provide quick access to their contents on a computer. Just connect the drive to the Dock, plug in power, and attach a USB cable to a host computer.

Additional features:

  • Support for SATA and IDE/PATA drives, or additional drive types with optional adapters
  • Fast USB 3.0 connectivity (backwards-compatible with USB 2.0)
  • Small size for portability
  • Free US-based customer support

Whether you're an IT manager, technician, or hobbyist, the CRU WiebeTech USB DriveDock v5 is an economical part of your toolkit. Find a reseller near you or buy online.


Product name USB DriveDock v5
Host (I/O) Ports (1) USB 3.0: up to 5 Gbps
Drive Types Supported
  • PATA/IDE 2.5" drives (with PATA Adapter 25)
  • PATA/IDE 3.5
  • Hitachi 1.8" drives (with PATA Adapter 18-HIT-ZIF)
  • Toshiba 1.8" drives (with PATA Adapter 18-TOSH)
  • Compact Flash (with PATA Adapter MCB)
  • SD Card (with PATA Adapter MCB)
  • Memory Stick (with PATA Adapter MCB)
  • PCMCIA (with PATA Adapter MCB)
  • MacBook Air 2010 (with SATA Adapter MBA2010)
  • MSATA (with SATA Adapter mSATA)
  • MC (with PATA Adapter MCB)
  • DOM (with PATA Adapter DOM)
  • PCIe PATA (with PATA Adapter mPCIe)
  • PCIe SATA (with PATA Adapter mPCIe)
  • Micro Drives (with PATA Adapter MCB)
  • PCIe USB (with PATA Adapter mPCIe)
SATA Speed 3G
Number of LEDs 3
Description of LEDs Power, drive access, USB attached
Operating system compatibility Windows XP or later
Windows Server 2003 or later
Mac OS X
Most modern Linux distributions
Construction material(s) ABS
Power switch 2 position: On / Off
Dimensions 3.15" x 2.32" x 0.94" (80mm x 59mm x 24mm)
Weight 0.20 lbs. (0.09 kg)
Compliancy FCC, CE, RoHS
Warranty CRU provides a 2-year limited warranty for this product.
Technical Support Your investment in CRU products is backed up by our free technical support for the lifetime of the product. If you need to contact us for any reason, visit or call us at 1-800-260-9800 or +1-360-816-1800.

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USB DriveDock v5 user manual rev1.pdf
Jan 23, 2012 - 184.78 KB
User Manual for USB DriveDock v5
Dec 4, 2013 - 895.1 KB
Quick Start Guide for USB DriveDock v5

Part Numbers

USB DriveDock v5

Part Number Description Shipping Weight UPC Number
31250-1209-0000 USB DriveDock v5, accesses the 4 most common types of drive through USB 3.0, RoHS, US type power plug 2 810873016820
31251-1209-0000 USB DriveDock v5, accesses the 4 most common types of drive through USB 3.0, RoHS, UK type power plug 2 810873016837
31252-1209-0000 USB DriveDock v5, accesses the 4 most common types of drive through USB 3.0, RoHS, Euro type power plug 2 810873016844

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