Configurator Software Download

Announcement: Configurator v4 now available!

About this new version:

  • Enhances the functionality of CRU products
  • Free Download
  • Displays information about CRU products and any attached drives
  • Checks for product firmware updates
  • Monitors CRU products in the background and sends an email or text message if a problem is detected
  • New modern, user-friendly interface design

A growing number of our products have extended configuration options that may be modified and viewed through the CRU Configurator software. CRU Configurator 4.0 for Windows allows you to:

  • Easily configure CRU storage devices
  • Receive email and SMS text notifications when warning or alarm events occur
  • View and update the firmware of select CRU storage devices
  • Customize temperature warning and alarm thresholds for CRU RAID enclosures and drives.
  • Control which warning and alarm events cause a CRU RAID device’s audible buzzer to sound.

CRU Configurator 4.0 for Mac OS X allows you to receive email and SMS text notifications when warning or alarm events occur. The ability to modify other options is available using the Windows version.


Configurator v3.5.0.6 – For 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Necessary for a few older products such as DataPak and RTX400-QR.
CRU Configurator v4.0.0.5 for Mac
CRU Configurator v4.0.0.5 for 32-bit Windows
CRU Configurator v4.0.0.5 for 64-bit Windows