CRU makes periodic improvements to the software and firmware that are part of our product offerings. Please select from the list on the bottom of software updates.

Forensic Software

Ditto, Ditto DX, and Ditto Shark

View Webpage: Ditto Family Firmware

Forensic Software Utility

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Forensic Software Utility (for 64-bit versions of Windows)

Download: ForensicSoftwareUtility- (7.3 MB)
MD5: 380829abf8524e7b35fc77cc92b5f845
Sha256: 4870bb6a75d4399ed6bd44d038333acb29374620dd40922c3b791ff15c8099a7

Forensic Software Utility
(for 32-bit versions of Windows)

Download: ForensicSoftwareUtility- (6.1 MB)
MD5: 9f80da589bdb5abda086bc342449393c
Sha256: b137f1fb55117f2e537bb1adec2540149a808a82d89d458679ae235a939153a8

WriteBlocking Validation Utility

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WriteBlocking Validation Utility (64-bit Windows)

Download: WbValUtil- (12.7 MB)
MD5: 61d7c3e0eebe0c8ddafadbd377fd1031
Sha256: 64b019581c9f7c934fc86bd507224c411028e3fe1a0349b3536b04f0785d06e1

Drive eRazer App

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Drive Erazer App

Download: DriveErazerApp- (8 MB)
MD5: 811361d3a53783f096751ee03b0a4f5c
Sha256: 11673a9b9bbd2fcbb7c7a48517f6430b27351d7e96a553aa3c6baeb691937f29

Manual: Drive-eRazer-App_Manual_A9-000-0068_Rev1.1.pdf (171.6 KB)
MD5: 4e0960e6643e9b4ec7174febdde8bc84
Sha256: 70e5ec7bcbdd4e4220d65380948a44859a967132bce18cce88d123ac74843b57

Mouse Jiggler Software

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Mouse Jiggler MJ-3 Script Creation Software v1.0.1 - Windows 32-bit

Download: (10.5 MB)
MD5: b85d875ed7a15916c27a6214e2a035a6
Sha256: 863a68d832deae9f8f4c4402e46a2653ddd8f76756e4a307c6bdac7dfbb26f9d

Mouse Jiggler MJ-3 Script Creation Software v1.0.1 - Windows 64-bit

Download: (11.5 MB)
MD5: d2f6edb55af7552dbfe4fd19597b7d25
Sha256: e0a9d1d3d7e46e65681baba95ef4f64eabbd5d719bba4ba28b7be8e72f59ce85

Mouse Jiggler Software v1.0.1 - macOS 10.x Only (not compatible with macOS 11 or higher)

Download: (9.1 MB)
MD5: ea5a7a17da02b6a7634402c3345297be
Sha256: 89ce3a0fbae943807d18964c73aa87af86344298b4168c56349ede2a64c2c121