Digital Forensics

Essential tools

Devices keeping up with the crimes

CRU, with its WiebeTech line of tools, provides innovative and rugged devices for efficient disk imaging and evidence capture.
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Optimized data acquisition

Ditto DX and Ditto drive imagers

The Ditto family offers physical and Logical Imaging, data acquisition, and works with local and networked data from all sources.
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Ditto DX

USB 3.0 WriteBlocker

Unparalleled performance

An essential tool for any digitial investigation or eDiscovery team, the USB 3.0 WriteBlocker has attained the fastest data capture speeds of any write blocker available today with a benchmarked read rate of 400 MB/s.
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USB 3.0 WriteBlocker

Tools for all needs

Write blockers and drive docks galore

Our extensive lineup of write blocking devices means that whatever you’re looking to investigate, we’ve got the perfect addition to your toolkit.
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