AES Key Programmer

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    • Easy to Use Physical Encryption Key - No PINs or Passwords to Hack
    • Full Self-Test and Key Diagnostics
    • LEDs Indicate Power, Battery, and Programmer Status
The AES Key Programmer makes it easy to create and manage your own physical encryption keys for CRU products. It's standalone and requires no computer to operate.

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Technical Specs

Product Name AES Key Programmer
Drive Bus SATA
Encryption Create or duplicate AES encryption keys
FIPS Validated Yes
FIPS Description Validated to FIPS 140-2 (certificate number 1471)
Compliance RoHS
Warranty CDSG provides a 2-year limited warranty for this product.
Technical Support Your investment our product is backed up by our free technical support for the lifetime of the product. If you need to contact us for any reason, visit our website.
Resources and Documents

Install Guide for AES Key Programmer
Nov 22, 2013 - 335.69 KB

Product Description

CRU's Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Key Programmer is a cost-effective way for you to create and manage your own physical Encryption Keys that are used in CRU products without relying on outside vendors. This standalone key programmer (no computer required) generates random multi-bit codes that meet the requirements of FIPS 140-2. The random number generation used in the programmer meets the random number tests per NIST Special Publication 800-22 and DIEHARD.

Mini-USB style physical Encryption Keys are used to store the encryption code. The user creates unique master keys and duplicates. No other copies and no "back door" exist, and so lost keys make data recovery virtually impossible. (Blank Encryption Keys must be provided by CRU; after-market keys cannot be programmed.)


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