CRU drive enclosures and other products are used in a variety of applications by many kinds of organizations and customers across several industries. For over 20 years, CRU has provided iron-clad data security, protection from theft and hacking, and reliable storage in many uses and environments. Interested in seeing how customers in these industries make use of CRU enclosures? Check out the links below to learn more and see how CRU can help you store, protect, and back up your data.


How do digital theaters receive the latest from Hollywood? Via CRU enclosures.

Digital Forensics


Part of an internal security organization? Or a computer forensic investigator? See how our widely-used products can help.



Backing up your images is just as important as creating them in the first place. Read about how the pros, like Jared Platt, use CRU enclosures to protect their once-in-a-lifetime shots.
Small businesses and other organizations need to protect their assets and data. Keeping physical backups handy for fast disaster recovery is critical.


Government Small Image

We’ve built solid relationships with agencies such as the FBI, CIA, US Navy and law enforcement entities that date back over 20 years.



CRU has worked with businesses of all sizes to build and design cost effective, time efficient, reliable, and high performing products.