CRU TrayFree™ trayless drive enclosures enable bare drive workflow, which is perfect for client or project work. Or any other work that outgrows its storage space or needs to be separated for security or convenience. Space- and resource-saving, TrayFree enclosures reduce the amount of clutter in a workspace.

This trayless technology is ideal for those who are comfortable working with bare drives or don’t need the protection of a robust drive carrier. Photographers, video editors, designers and others who use multiple drives in the same enclosure find Trayfree technology a benefit to their workflow.

Toolless drive access

1-RTX_TM_220-3QRTrayFree designs allow you to insert bare hard drives into a drive enclosure without any tools. Simply open a drive bay door, slide the drive in, and close the door. Removing drives is just as easy: open the bay door and the drive slides out enough for you to grasp it for removal. There’s no need to house the drive into a separate carrier tray or caddy or have to use screws and a screwdriver.

CRU TrayFree technology has been tested and proven to withstand tens of thousands of insertion/removal cycles so the enclosures will last a long time.

Desktop/tower TrayFree enclosures can be found in our RTX line.

For rack-mounted TrayFree storage products, check out these options in our RAX product line.

Anti-static CRU DriveBoxes are available to protect and store 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives.