Secure High Performance Storage

What sets SHIPS apart?

CRU is leading the way with NVMe storage technology, ensuring that physical data security is available in a straightforward – one stop shop – solution.

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NVMe performance

Power under the hood

Supporting PCIe gen 4 speeds up to 3200MB/s, SHIPS-certified devices are screaming fast. Unlike other NVMe storage, CRU’s thermal engineering elevates performance throttling during intensive use.
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Take it where you need it

We’ve designed SHIPS-compliant devices to be interoperable with a variety of systems – everything from desktops to vehicles. Interoperable storage makes it possible to streamline complex workflows and move large-volume data quickly.
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Develop the dock you require

The DIGISTOR Module is designed to fit into any port available, and to be interoperable between them. While we’ve created ingestion docks for standard workstation bays, we’re happy to provide engineering details to developers designing custom systems.
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Mission Ready

We’ve engineered our DIGISTOR module to be rugged enough to follow the action. Not only will it survive years of daily use, it’s light and small enough to integrate into wearable computers, where it can easily record or deliver mission data.
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Development Kit

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CRU is making available development kits that include all of the components needed to design and test complete PCIe/NVMe removable storage solutions.

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