We take great pride in our products and we’re always happy when others see the same.  Below are a few reviews of note.

Ditto Forensic FieldStation

“The Ditto Forensic FieldStation is a new product in the data security and mobile device manufacturer’s WiebeTech line of forensics and e-discovery products.”
~ Law Technology News

“Overall, we were highly impressed with the Ditto FieldStation. The compact unit is an incredibly powerful tool that could easily find a home with military, police and covert operations teams. Investigators who look at computer misuse or potential crimes in their agency could also find it useful. Even with all its features, the unit was incredibly easy to use, requiring very little in the way of training, especially when working with the remote interface. For the price, we feel that any computer crime fighter would be happy to have a WiebeTech Ditto Forensic FieldStation in his tool belt.”
~ GCN 

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ToughTech Duo

“The ToughTech Duo QR rugged RAID-equipped hard drive is made for the high-end photographer, videographer, camp clerk, or visual artist who has a need for speedy, rugged, portable storage out in the field.”
PC Mag

“Like its name implies, the ToughTech Duo RAID from CRU-DataPort looks sturdy and feels like it can take a pounding.”
~ MacWorld

“Where you store your images says a lot more about you than the cameras you use to take them. The ToughTech Duo is the most efficient and convenient way to secure your precious images on location or even in the studio.”
~ Jared Platt

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Drive eRazer Ultra

“The Drive eRazer Ultra from CRU-DataPort makes sure that your hard drive has been completely wiped, ensuring that any data you need to dump is gone for good.”
~ PC Advisor

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