ToughTech Duo: Two copies in the palm of your hand

You timed the shot just right. Captured that magic moment. Now the entire shoot is on your memory card, soon to be on your computer, ready for editing and approval.


Is that shoot backed up?

Use the CRU® ToughTech® Duo, and It will be doubly so, which gives you two copies at once of your data. Automatically. Available in versions for for USB 3.0/eSATA or FireWire/USB 2.0/eSATA, the ToughTech Duo is compact enough to fit in your hand and tough enough to go wherever you do.

You should join the world-class photographers, videographers, and musicians who all rely on the ToughTech Duo to protect their work, whether on location, traveling, or in the studio.


One of the diehard ToughTech Duo users is Arizona-based professional photographer Jared Platt, who takes the CRU ToughTech Duo with him on location, even in the tough desert environment.

Choose your storage to keep your images safe. The ones you put your heart and soul into, not to mention your client’s trust. So don’t leave the safety of those images to chance or luck.

“I demand a lot out of my cameras, computers, and storage systems. The ToughTech Duo is the only storage I trust on location, ” said Jared. “This small, tough, bus-powered system takes the abuse of travel and location work and keeps my files safely stored at all times.”

“Where you store your images says a lot more about you than the cameras you use to take them. The ToughTech Duo is the most efficient and convenient way to secure your precious images on location or even in the studio.”

missamerica“My hard drive crashed at the airport when I was leaving [the Miss America Pageant]… I was devastated,” said Bruce V. Boyajian, official Miss America photographer for the past 15 years. “I’m at the airport, just freaking out!”

Luckily for Bruce, he managed to recover about 80% of his data; even more luckily, all of the “important stuff” was still there. However, the ordeal was enough for him to seriously consider some way to back up his data on the fly. As a result, Bruce has been using CRU products ever since his image safety wakeup call in 2008 and the ToughTech Duo ever since it appeared on the market.


“There aren’t that many great photos and great films out there. So you don’t want to lose anything, that’s for sure,” says Joe DiMaggio, professional photographer and avid CRU user.

Jared, Bruce, and Joe all rely upon the ToughTech Duo to duplicate and store their work. The ToughTech Duo is available for USB 3.0 or FireWire/USB 2.0/eSATA computer connections. Choose the one you need to begin carrying with you on location to provide easy, real-time image backups as you work. Also great for use in the home or studio.